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We, Estate Jewelry Appraisers, have an in-store luxurious facility where customers can sell diamonds in New York City, which is open to the public from Monday to Saturday, 10 AM – 5 PM. At the NYC showroom, you can not only get an expert opinion for free, but our trained staff is always there to help you with any query regarding your precious/semi-precious loose diamonds and/or diamond jewelry/rings! It has never been this easy to sell diamonds in Surfside!

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Types of Diamond

Ever since the discovery of the diamonds, various kinds and quality of the diamonds have been identified. Though a pure diamond comes in transparent color, however, some diamonds are available in colors of yellow and/or brown due to impurities. The grading of colors according to the Gemological Institute of America starts from D (colorless) to Z (heavy tincture).

However, these color differences can not be easily identified by a naked eye beyond the K grade and beyond S, the diamonds are available in all the rainbow shades. Among all the rainbow-shaded diamonds, yellow is the most commonly found heavily tinted diamond. Customers often sell diamond in Surfside like these. On the contrary, white, green, and blue diamonds are rarely available. A brief description of the various types of diamonds have been shared below:

Pink Champagne Diamonds

Available in the champagne color with streaks of pink, these diamonds have a net worth much higher per the carat as compared to champagne counterparts. The pink champagne diamonds intricately display flashes from slight to bright ones! Customers love to sell diamond in Surfside like these!

Green Diamonds

The green diamonds, also referred to as Dresden Green, were first discovered in the Kollur mine of Andhra Pardesh India are 41 carats most rare diamonds!

Orange Diamonds

Orange diamonds are often associated with the attributes of vibrant, energy, creativity, success and are available in the various shade ranges of dull to brighter hues!

Purple Diamonds

Available in the mines of Australia, purple diamonds are also referred to as Grape diamonds, Plum diamonds or Orchid diamonds. However, due to various shade ranges of the purple color, they also bear the name of Lilac diamonds or Mauve diamonds!

Blue Diamonds

Blue diamonds are one of the most uncommon and expensive diamonds among all diamond types. They bear the color blue due to the presence of boron within their carbon-structure and exhibit a variety of blue shades, from light sky shades to brighter deep ones!

Yellow Diamonds

Also referred to as Canary diamonds, they are available in various shades of yellow, ranging from canary shades to bright yellow ones. However, the brighter the shade of yellow diamonds, the more expensive it becomes! Many customers sell diamond in Surfside like these!

White Diamonds

Being extracted across various parts of the world in various forms, the white/transparent diamonds are the most common type of diamonds available and are engraved within engagement/wedding-rings/jewelry articles! Most customers sell diamonds in New York City like these!

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Other Services

Apart from the expert dealing in precious/semi-precious diamonds in NYC, we, Estate Jewelry Appraisers also deal in the selling and/or buying of the following articles:

  • Vintage jewelry
  • Antique jewelry
  • Estate jewelry
  • Silver Jewelry/Silver-ware
  • Precious metals (gold, sterling silver and platinum)
  • Designer/branded jewelry

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